Man Trapped In Tree

A man in Marion County had to be rescued from the top of a 30 foot tree.

Thursday afternoon, the man was removing the top of the tree. A rope was tied around a large piece to keep it from falling on a nearby house.

When it was cut, the trunk fell the opposite way and the rope pinned the man to the tree's trunk.

The patient was conscious and alert but unable to get free of the rope and down the tree. Additional resources were requested to assist with the rescue including an aerial ladder and Technical Rescue Team from Salem Fire Department.

The patient was initially accessed by a ground ladder and was secured in the tree and worked with fire personnel to free himself from the rope pinning him.

Once secured, Ladder 4 from Salem Fire was able to position to access the patient and safely remove him from the tree into the ladder platform.

The patient was brought to the ground and was evaluated and transported by medics to Salem Hospital with minor injuries.

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