31 Oregon Counties Can Apply For Phase 2 Reopening

Governor Kate Brown has announced details about Phase 2 of reopening, under her framework for building a safe and strong Oregon. There are 31 counties that can apply now to enter Phase 2 on Friday, June 5.

“I want to say thank you to each and every Oregonian who has made sacrifices to protect the health and safety of our communities,” said Governor Brown. “Your leadership––you choosing to be both kind and smart––is why we have been able to start the reopening process.”

“Any reopening comes with risk. That’s just a fact of life right now. So we need to reduce the risk that comes with reopening. So, fellow Oregonians, you have another chance to shine. A chance to show that you are looking out for your friends, family, and neighbors.”

The Oregon Health Authority is reviewing the COVID-19 metrics and data for counties that have applied for Phase 2, and on June 4 the Governor’s Office will announce the initial counties entering Phase 2.

Criteria for entering Phase 2

Phase 2 continues the county-by-county approach to reopening. Counties can be approved to enter Phase 2 only if they have been in Phase 1 for at least 21 days and are succeeding in controlling the spread of the virus. Counties approved to enter Phase 2 must continue to meet Phase 1 metrics, including:

• Declining disease prevalence

• Having an adequate number of contact tracers, including people reflective of the communities they serve

• Establishing adequate testing, isolation and quarantine facilities, sufficient hospital surge capacity, and sufficient personal protective equipment supply

Counties must also meet additional prerequisites, including:

• Demonstrating that they are able to trace new cases within 24 hours

• As counties see new cases, they must be able to identify where they are coming from at least 70% of the time

• Counties cannot be experiencing a significant increase in cases

New Guidance for Phase 2

Counties that enter Phase 2 will be able to continue with the reopening process, following updated health and safety guidance:

• Gathering limits will be raised to 50 people indoors, and 100 people outdoors.

• Indoor and outdoor venues, including theaters and churches, with 6 feet of physical distancing and other measures in place, can reach a COVID-19 occupancy limit of up to 250.

• Offices can begin reopening and employees can return to workplaces with physical distancing and other measures in place, though remote work is still strongly recommended whenever possible.

• Increased travel will be allowed throughout Oregon, though staying local is still recommended to prevent overloading county health systems.

• Restaurants and bars will have curfews extended to midnight.

• Pools and sports courts will be allowed to reopen under new guidance.

• Indoor and outdoor activities such as bowling, batting cages, and mini golf, will be allowed to reopen under new guidance.

• Recreational sports can resume in a limited form, under strict physical distancing guidance.

Additional Statewide Guidance

For all counties, including those remaining in Phase 1 or on baseline status:

• Zoos, gardens, and museums can reopen in a limited fashion.

• Professional and collegiate sports teams can return to training in their facilities with physical distancing and health and safety measures in place.

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