Arrests Followed Demonstrations

Thousands of people demonstrated in downtown Portland last night peacefully. They marched for several hours. The group stopped on the Burnside Bridge and laid face down with their hands behind their backs similar to the way George Floyd was when he died in Minneapolis.

Around 11:30 p.m. the group marched to the east side of the Willamette River and dispersed.

Shortly before midnight, a group of approximately 100 protesters gathered at Southwest 4th Avenue and Salmon Street. Some of the protesters started throwing projectiles at the officers, including glass bottles and rocks. One officer suffered minor injuries from a thrown projectile. The sound truck notified the group that they were involved in an unlawful assembly and needed to disperse. When they did not, officers used crowd control munitions to disperse them.

During this time, officers observed several vehicles that were moving through the streets with the protesters to provide them with a continual source of supplies. Officers observed one driver handing out items to subjects on foot. Traffic officers stopped that driver, but before they could detain her, she struck multiple vehicles in an efferent to elude police. She sped away and the Air Support Unit was able to provide updates on the vehicle location and direction of travel. Spike strips were deployed and the vehicle stopped near Southeast 14th Avenue and Franklin Street. Officers arrested the driver. One officer suffered minor injuries in this incident.

The remaining protesters dispersed by 1 a.m.

Officers arrested over a dozen adults Monday night into Tuesday morning. The specifics regarding these arrests are still being finalized at the time of this press release. More information on those arrested and the criminal charges will be provided in an updated release when that information is available. Two firearms were seized from two separate individuals who were arrested.

"Thousands of demonstrators participated in an extensive march without engaging in violence or destructive behavior," said Chief Jami Resch. "Thank you for keeping this event peaceful. Your efforts to police the event yourselves created a safer environment for all. We will continue to arrest and hold responsible those who engage in acts of violence directed at the police, community members, or who commit other criminal acts."

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