Governor Brown Deploys National Guard

Photo: KATU

Governor Kate Brown Monday joined with state and local leaders in calling for peaceful protest to honor the memory of George Floyd, as well as the need for meaningful racial and criminal justice reform.

“The killing of George Floyd is a stain on this country,” said Governor Brown. “On Friday thousands of people gathered at several peaceful protests across the city. This was a cry for action. A call for reform. A community in mourning. Then very late at night, much smaller groups decided to break windows and damage property. Senseless violence does not honor George Floyd’s death or create accountability. Only the hard work of racial justice will.”

“To everyone who is hurting right now, I want to say I see you. I hear you. I stand with you. And I add my voice to yours. Years and years of failure to reform police practices. Years of failure to hold police officers accountable. Years of failure to bring real reforms to our criminal justice system, which incarcerates Black Americans at five times the rate of white Americans.”

To help protect property and ensure peaceful protests, the Governor also announced she would be sending 100 Oregon State Police to work with the Portland Police Bureau today, as well as 50 members of the Oregon National Guard to serve in a support function only.

The Oregon National Guard members will not be on the front lines, making arrests, or doing crowd control. They will act as support personnel––caring for the injured, processing arrests, and directing traffic.

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