No AMR Lifeguards At Swimming Holes

Photo: KATU

COVID-19 has changed many things this year including ability to have AMR’s River Rescue Team (Lifeguards) at High Rocks Park in Gladstone/Oregon City, and Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale. The lifeguards will NOT be on duty at the parks until they can conduct the yearly USLA (United States Lifesaving Association) training requirements (swim tests, etc.) and can provide the service safely.

Currently there are no facilities open to conduct mandatory swim testing and training, nor is there a means of protecting our emergency medical providers/rescuers from COVID-19 exposure while they conduct contact rescues and resuscitation on swimmers in distress.

The safety of rescue personnel and the public is our priority. We want the public to know of this change and be prepared. In the absence of Lifeguards at High Rocks and Glenn Otto Parks, visitors need to be extra careful and take the following suggestions to heart:

  • Wear a life jacket when you are in or near the water (children should wear them at all times and be within arm's reach under constant supervision)
  • Life jackets will be available at both sites on an honor system. The lifeguards will not be present to issue/loan and recover the life jackets, but we encourage people to use them and return when they depart the park.
  • Be aware of the risk of cold shock due to cold spring water temperatures (~ 50 degrees)
  • Carefully read and follow all signage
  • Swim at your own risk

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