COVID-19 Outbreak Under Investigation

The Oregon Health Authority is investigating an increase in COVID-19 cases that are tied to an outbreak at specific businesses in the Tri-County area and the Willamette Valley. They say there's no indication that the outbreak poses a significant risk to surrounding communities. The latest numbers from OHA show 71 new cases with 41 being reported in Multnomah County. Marion County had 6 and both Washington and Jackson counties had 5. There were no new deaths.

Multnomah County will file its request to reopen on June 5th and if it's approved by the Governor the county would enter Phase One reopening on June 12th. They still don't have enough employees to conduct contact tracing, but they will meet the 50-percent requirement by June 12th. Multnomah County also has higher standards than required by the state. The County Commission wants to make sure people of color and indigenous people have the same access to testing and treatment as all other people in the county.