Clark County To Submit Request To Re-Open

Clark County Public Health is preparing a variance request that, if approved, would allow the county to move into Phase 2 of the state’s phased reopening plan.

Gov. Jay Inslee announced today new criteria that allow larger counties to apply for variances to move into Phase 2 of his four-phased Safe Start Washington plan. Clark County was one of 10 counties the governor identified as eligible to apply.

The Washington State Department of Health has outlined several metrics required for variance approval. Public Health is still reviewing the required metrics but believes Clark County can meet the necessary criteria.

Clark County Public Health is compiling an application for full implementation of Phase 2. The application requires approval by the Clark County Board of Health before it is submitted to the state Department of Health for review.

Public Health will submit the variance request as quickly as possible.

While Clark County is eligible to apply for a variance to move into Phase 2, the county is not yet approved for the next phase. Clark County remains in Phase 1. Residents and businesses should continue to follow the Phase 1 guidance outlined by the governor until a determination is made on the variance request.

Source: Clark County

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