Oregon's Final Phase One Guidelines Released

As part of Governor Kate Brown’s plan for building a safe and strong Oregon, the Governor’s Office, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), and the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) today released finalized statewide and county guidance as counties and businesses across the state begin the reopening process.

“As we begin the process of reopening and building a safe and strong Oregon, I again ask Oregonians to come together and be smart,” said Governor Kate Brown. “Reopening any part of our state comes with risk. This virus is still very dangerous, and it still poses a great threat.

“Please follow the safety measures we are putting in place to help these businesses reopen — we’ve had the best doctors and public health experts guide us on how to safely and gradually reopen Oregon. It’s up to us to follow their advice if we want to keep Oregon safe and strong.”

Physical distancing, infection control through proper hygiene and cleaning, and use of face coverings are the key tools Oregonians can use to keep themselves healthy and safe as Oregon begins the reopening process. Health and safety guidance for the public and employers, as well as documents on the following subjects are available at coronavirus.oregon.gov:

• Retail businesses

• Outdoor recreation

• Child care

• Summer school (new)

• Summer camps and youth activities (new)

• Public transit (new)

• Face coverings (new)

• Homelessness and service providers (new)

In addition, the following guidance is available specifically for the 31 counties entering Phase I of reopening today:

• Restaurants and bars

• Gyms and fitness (new)

• Personal services

• Malls and shopping centers

Also available is general health and safety guidance for the public, employers, and requirements for face coverings. Newly posted to coronavirus.oregon.gov this week is guidance for face coverings, summer school, public transit, homelessness and service providers, and gyms and fitness.

Newly Posted Guidance as of May 15

Guidance on Face Coverings

Under new statewide guidance for face coverings, all businesses must provide face coverings and require employees to wear them. In public, all Oregonians must wear a face covering on public transit, and it is strongly recommended that Oregonians wear a face covering in settings like grocery stores where physical distancing is difficult to maintain.

Summer School and Summer Program Guidance

In an effort to bring students back to classrooms safely, ODE has issued new statewide guidance for in-person instruction for summer school and other summer programs. The guidance ensures that all in-person instruction minimizes health and safety risks while improving student connections and learning. The guidance requires all summer educational settings to develop communicable disease management plans, with measures for infection control, physical distancing, screening for COVID-19 symptoms, and contact tracing.

Summer Camp Guidance

As Oregon children transition from the school year to summer, OHA has also issued new statewide guidance for the safe operation of summer camps. All camps must have a communicable disease management plan in place for staff and for youth.

Public Transit Guidance

Transit has continued to operate throughout this crisis, but new statewide guidance for public transit will help to ensure that the growing number of Oregonians returning to work can travel safely.

Guidance for Oregonians Experiencing Homelessness and Service Providers

The intent of Governor Brown’s executive order is to ensure the health and safety of all Oregonians during the COVID-19 pandemic, whether individuals are sheltered or unsheltered. Updated statewide guidance reiterates that COVID-19 health and safety directives are not to be used to criminalize homelessness.

Gyms and Fitness Guidance (Phase I Counties Only)

Gyms and other fitness facilities in counties that have reopened for Phase I will be required to follow new health and safety guidance. Under the guidance, physical distancing measures are required, and contact sports remain prohibited.

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