Bark Dust Fire Spreads Inside Business

Photo above: The fire started in bark dust and spread into the building through a vent.

Portland Fire crews responded to a report of a fire in a business Friday afternoon in the 15800 block of SE Division.

When crews arrived they found fire throughout the first floor of "A Bead Source."

Firefighters used tools to remove bars from windows and to break open doors to get inside the building.

Firefighters found a large amount of fire, high heat and heavy smoke. The crews were able to extinguish most of the fire within 20 minutes.

A fire investigator was called to determine the cause of this fire and crews remained on scene looking for hot spots for another 45 minutes.

The fire investigator determined that the fire started accidentally on the outside of the building in bark dust and spread into the interior.

Photo below: Damage inside of the building

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