Portland Police Make Changes To Towing Policy

Out of a concern for the health of our community and to limit exposure, the Portland Police Bureau is changing the way it releases vehicles after a vehicle was ordered to be towed by PPB. PPB is temporarily suspending the practice of requiring vehicle owners to obtain a release by PPB prior to obtaining their vehicle from the tow companies. PPB is also temporarily suspending the $150 administrative fee that is collected when PPB tows a vehicle because it is a traffic hazard, for safekeeping, or when its alarm is continuously sounding.

While vehicle owners will still have to go to a towing company to retrieve their vehicle, this suspension eliminates the need for vehicle owners to travel to PPB Central Precinct to obtain a vehicle release. This temporary suspension will remain in effect for the duration of Governor Brown's "Stay Home, Save Lives" order. Tow companies may still charge fees for towing and storage and this does not apply to vehicles who have been towed for other reasons and unrelated to PPB.

Portland Police Bureau will notify vehicle owners via phone (when possible) and letter if their vehicle has been towed, along with information on how the owner can recover their vehicle directly from the tow company.

Source: Portland Police Bureau

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