COVID-19 Construction Worker Recommendations

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The Oregon Home Builders Association (OHBA) has partnered with the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (Oregon OSHA) and the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) to develop a comprehensive list of COVID-19 jobsite safety recommendations.

The recommendations, which incorporate and build on the workplace safety recommendations issued by Gov. Kate Brown, include on-site checklists for construction workers, social distancing guidelines, and information about the importance of identifying site-specific safety captains.

“Every industry has a responsibility during this time of crisis to abide by the governor’s ‘Stay Home, Save Lives’ order and deploy their own enhanced workplace safety procedures,” said Michael Wood, administrator for Oregon OSHA. “We appreciate the active role the construction industry has taken in educating its workforce regarding jobsite best practices and in striving for 100 percent compliance with social distancing requirements. These efforts are critical to protecting public health and the safety of construction workers.”

In addition to developing a common set of jobsite safety recommendations, OHBA has developed a COVID-19 safety class available to contractors through Home Builders University. The class can be taken by contractors to earn continuing education credits in accordance with licensing requirements.

“The construction industry has been an active partner in sharing COVID-19 safety information and providing opportunities for construction workers to stay up to date on mitigation strategies,” said Chris Huntington, CCB’s administrator. “The construction industry’s responsiveness will go a long way toward making sure jobsites in Oregon remain safe.”

Earlier this year, OHBA and AGC partnered together to share best practices and discuss the latest COVID safety information while working proactively with CCB and OSHA. AGC has a well-established safety program and newly developed COVID-19 safety protocols and information specific to commercial construction.

Mike Salsgiver, executive director for Associated General Contractors (AGC), said his organization appreciates the partnerships.

“We have had a long-standing and positive working relationship with these agencies and OHBA,” he said, “and we recommit to making them even stronger going forward – especially during this time of sudden and substantial challenge in our industry.”

Both Oregon OSHA and CCB have published construction-specific COVID-19 response information on their websites to keep contractors up to date and ensure all workers on the jobsite follow COVID-19 safety procedures.

“I cannot imagine trying to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak without the support of these partnerships,” said Justin Wood, VP Fish Construction NW. “As president of OHBA, I appreciate the resources this partnership brings to the construction industry. The safety materials OHBA has developed helps my business continue to support affordable housing and provides a single place to get information that is unique for our residential builders.”

The OHBA has made all of its COVID-19 response resources available online at The resources are free to members and non-members. OHBA’s COVID-19 safety class is also available online at the Home Builders University website.

Source: Oregon Construction Contractors Board

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