Lebanon Veterans' Home Patients Recovering From COVID-19

Thirteen of the 16 confirmed cases of COVID-19 at the Oregon Veterans’ Home in Lebanon are now recovered, the medical staff informed the Oregon Health Authority this week.

Two of the Home’s COVID cases died, while one case remains active. Facility staff continue to monitor residents for symptoms of respiratory illness to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Those who have recovered include the home’s most senior resident, a World War II veteran who celebrated his 104th birthday with a small group of family this week.

"This is the good news so many of us have been hoping for throughout this difficult situation," said Kelly Fitzpatrick, Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs director. "Words cannot express our gratitude to the medical staff at the home who helped guide these recoveries, and who provided such exceptional care to our honored residents.

"There is no doubt that their diligent adherence to the infectious disease prevention protocols and public health guidelines have helped ensure the health and safety of our vulnerable residents, themselves and the community."

Widespread and strict lock-down protocols remain in place, in line with the home’s protocols and nationwide guidance for skilled nursing facilities that are now in effect.

"While we celebrate this welcome good news, we recognize that we are not out of the woods yet," Fitzpatrick said. "As long as this virus is out there, it remains our duty to do whatever we can to protect the honored residents in our care, and prevent the spread or reintroduction of this potentially deadly disease."

Oregon Health Authority Director Patrick Allen said, "I am glad to hear these veterans have recovered from their illnesses. I’m grateful to everyone whose excellent and attentive care helped them beat the COVID-19 virus, from their medical care providers to staff at the Allworth Veterans Home. Their story is a reminder that all of us are part of a critical mission to prevent others from getting sick: stay home, save lives."

Source: Oregon Health Authority

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