Hatchet Holding Burglar Steals Laptops

At 4:10 a.m. on Friday, April 3rd, 2020, Tigard Police officers were dispatched to the Office Depot at 15060 SW Sequoia Parkway. An employee reported getting a call from the alarm company after an interior motion alarm was triggered. Responding officers found shattered glass at an exterior side entrance to the building. To protect officer safety, additional officers and a K-9 were called, but a sweep of the building showed the suspect had already left the scene.

Upon further investigation, officers determined the suspect used a hatchet to shatter not only the exterior glass, but an interior glass wall and stole 6 laptops. The hatchet was used to cut the security cables to those laptops.

This appears to be a well-orchestrated burglary. The suspect was in and out of the building in 29 seconds and had a getaway car with a driver waiting outside. A suspect description is not available at this time, but the car is described as an early-1990’s light silver Subaru Forester.

Source: Tigard Police

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