Third Tigard Red Light Camera Goes Live Monday

Starting Monday March 23rd, citations will be issued for red light violations at the intersection of Durham Road and Pacific Highway (99W) where photo traffic enforcement was recently installed.

The safety of our residents and visitors is our primary concern. During this unprecedented time, while our officers must focus on emergency calls for service, we are fortunate to have the tools in place to support traffic enforcement along Tigard’s Pacific Highway corridor. Please stay safe.

As a reminder, a Tigard Police Officer will review every captured incident in order to determine if a violation has been committed before a citation is issued. Photo traffic enforcement generates high-resolution photos and videos of an incident that Tigard Police Officers will review. Citations mailed to a motorist will include photos and a link to video footage for the recipient to review.

The citation amount for these violations is $265, a base fine set by the State of Oregon.

This is one of three intersections along Pacific Highway (99W) where the City of Tigard is installing camera enforcement equipment to make intersections safer for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. The other two intersections where photo traffic enforcement equipment has been installed:

• SW Pacific Highway (99W) and 72nd Avenue

• SW Pacific Highway (99W) and SW Hall Blvd

The equipment at these intersections has the capability to monitor speeding violations, which will be considered in the near future.

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