Portlanders Bring Donations To Portland Fire Bureau

Portland Fire and Rescue asked for donations of personal protective equipment and Portlanders delivered.

In just one day they received:

• 759 respirators/face masks

• 358 containers of disinfecting wipes

• 41 boxes or 7800+ pairs of gloves

• 7 bottles/refill containers of hand sanitizer

• 1 box of gowns

They received donations in both small and large quantities, from individuals and organizations. From a container of disinfecting wipes from one person to hundreds of gloves from Airbnb and Portland State University and over 500 respirators from Stumptown.

Larger or more complicated donations can be coordinated by emailing: esf15.volunteerdonations@multco.us

Here's some information about the state the donations should be in:

1. Donations should be clean and unused. Gloves should be in a sealed box.

2. If you know neighbors who wish to donate, try to consolidate donations for fewer trips to the site.

3. Do not take donations directly to medical sites; they are too busy to receive donations and they want to keep contamination risks down.

There is an unprecedented demand on first responders and the health system due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we are facing a severe shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We are asking the community to donate all unused gear.

We are reaching out to people in the medical field who are no longer operating, those in the construction field who have dust masks and respirators, and whomever else has this equipment to share.

Specifically, donations are requested of the following PPEs:

• latex free gloves

• procedural masks

• surgical masks

• N95 respirators and N95 filters

• Other respirators (P100's, PAPR's, and PAPR supplies / parts)

• face shields

• splash shields

• gowns

• hand sanitizer

• disinfecting wipes

Donated equipment should to be dropped off at one of three locations:

Portland Fire & Rescue

Between the hours of noon-4 pm Monday - Friday

Fire Marshal Office Parking Lot

1300 SE Gideon St

Portland, OR 97202

Multnomah County Headquarters

(Loading dock on 6th St.)

501 SE Hawthorne

Portland OR 97214

Media can get footage at 1 pm today at Portland Fire’s Fire Marshal Office parking lot.

Multnomah County

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Yeon Building, 1620 SE 190th Ave.

(See instructions on the drop box located outside of the building.)

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