Emergency Operations Center Coordinates Oregon COVID-19 Response

In response to the spread of COVID-19 across the state of Oregon, the Emergency Coordination Center (ECC) at the Oregon Office of Emergency Management (OEM), was activated March 9. All state and local agencies are collaborating in the ECC to support the Oregon Health Authority Agency Operations Center (AOC), which is the lead agency for public health operations, to ensure timely and consistent messaging and response.

The State ECC coordinates and supports state and local recovery efforts for COVID-19 through statewide emergency support function agencies (e.g., transportation, business, agriculture, etc.). This response team includes the Joint Information Center which will respond to all non-health related press inquiries regarding the COVID-19.

On March 7 the Governor convened the Coronavirus Response Team, comprised of the following state agencies and commissions: Department of Administrative Services, Oregon Health Authority, Department of Human Services, Oregon State Police, Oregon Department of Transportation, Oregon Office of Emergency Management, Oregon Military Department, Oregon Department of Education, Department of Corrections, Oregon Youth Authority, Secretary of State, Oregon State Treasurer, and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission to provide policy guidance.

As more response measures emerge to slow the spread of COVID-19, information will continue to be available through a variety of resources to help Oregonians prepare for and deal with the impact of COVID-19.

OEM and state partners encourage all Oregonians to do their part in whatever way that they can to help diminish the spread of COVID-19. This includes social distancing, washing hands often, covering coughs/sneezes and staying home if you are sick.

Detailed information is distributed through numerous channels, including the OEM COVID-19 tracking dashboard.

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