OHSU Studying Cancer Blood Test

Photo: OHSU

A study is beginning at OHSU on a blood test that can detect cancer.

The test was designed by health care company GRAIL.

Knight Cancer Institute Deputy Director Dr. Tom Beer is conducting the study. He says, “This is one of the most promising studies we’ve seen to date for a test that could detect multiple types of cancer.” “One of the aspects I’m most excited about is that through OHSU’s participation, people in Oregon will be among the first to have the opportunity to be tested. Being at the forefront of generating new knowledge means we have the ability to bring it to our community faster.”

They need people who are 50 and older who have been patients at OHSU over the last three years.

They study will look at 6,200 participants in two groups:

  • 70% of the cohort will comprise those with an elevated cancer risk — those with a smoking history, genetic predisposition, cancer history.
  • 30% of the cohort will comprise those with a normal risk of cancer — those with none of the above risk factors.

Early studies show the test has been accurate in finding around 50 types of cancers and where they're in the patient's body.

Beer says it's important to detect cancer in early stages to be effective at stopping it. This test could give them the opportunity to do that.

If the test is determined to be successful, it could become part of annual physical exams.

If you are interested in enrolling or have additional questions, contact an OHSU study coordinator: 503 418-8150 or PATHFINDER@ohsu.edu .

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