West Burnside Slide Repaired Early

Portland Bureau of Transportation crews reopened West Burnside by 3 p.m. Friday, three days early, after clearing debris from a recent landslide and working to make the area safe from imminent risk of additional slides.

Crews had implemented lane closures and full road closures since a landslide was reported at about 6:30 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 24. During inspections, engineers determined that debris had continued to fall from the slide last weekend. After clearing more than 80 cubic yards of debris in the hours after the slide was reported, crews removed another estimated 60 cubic yards on Thursday.

Road closures had initially been expected to continue through Sunday, with all lanes reopening on Monday Feb. 3, but the work proceeded faster than expected and City engineers have determined the slide appears to be stabilized.

Today, PBOT crews built a new, 80-foot catchment wall, comprised of Jersey barriers with strips of reflective material for visibility, replacing a prior structure that was installed on the day of the slide. Also today, crews placed more rock in the area to help keep the soil in place, cleared ditches to prevent flooding and used rock to enhance safety on roadside shoulders.

Eventually, the landowner and PBOT will likely need to return to the area for permanent improvements to stabilize the area.

Source: Portland Bureau of Transportation

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