PUC Approves Frontier Merger With Northwest Fiber

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The Oregon Public Utility Commission (PUC) granted its approval for the transfer of all assets and control of Frontier Communication’s Northwest territories in Oregon to Northwest Fiber, a telecommunications service provider with a strong financial position based in Everett, Washington.

The PUC included 75 conditions to its approval to ensure Oregon customers are not harmed by the merger and that Frontier’s Oregon customers will continue to have the same services available, while potentially experiencing improvements in service quality. The conditions cover areas such as customer protections, reporting requirements, financial conditions, safety, service quality, financial reporting, expansion of broadband infrastructure, and assurances of proper handling of customer complaints.

Under the PUC’s conditions, Northwest Fiber has committed to spend a minimum of $50 million on the improvement and expansion of high-speed broadband infrastructure in Oregon, with at least $10 million to improve broadband service in more rural communities within Frontier Communication’s service territory.

“The approval of this merger helps ensure seamless and continued telecommunications services for Oregon’s Frontier customers,” said Megan Decker, Chair of the Public Utility Commission. “Northwest Fiber’s commitment to expanding access to high-speed internet service will benefit Frontier’s customers and help support Governor Brown’s initiative to promote the expansion of high speed internet in order to improve the economy and quality of life in Oregon.”

Northwest Fiber’s proposed purchase would transfer control of Frontier Communication’s entities in the states of Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Washington for $1.352 billion. The public utility commissions of Oregon, Washington and Montana as well as the Federal Communications Commission each need to approve for the merger to occur.

Source: Oregon PUC

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