Sleeping Woman Killed By Car

Police Investigation graphic

A woman who was sleeping in front of a garage door in Southeast Portland was killed when the driver left the garage and didn't know she was there.

The incident happened Friday morning near Southeast 92nd and Clinton.

Police say a homeless woman had laid down to sleep in front of the garage door of the apartment building. The driver of the car told officers that his car had been backed into the garage. When he came out to his car to go to work, he pulled forward out of the garage and felt a bump. He stopped but did not see what he had struck. He continued pull out and felt another bump. That's when he realized that he had run over someone. He immediately called 911.

Paramedics initially assessed the woman with non-life threatening injuries, but after arriving at a hospital her condition worsened and she died.

The driver isn't being charged.

The woman is identified as 47-year-old Trecell Stinson.

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