Firefighters Rescue Sleeping Teen From Fire

When Longview firefighters responded to a house fire on Monday they were initially told everyone was out, but that wasn't the case.

The house is located at 321 16th Ave.

The 911 caller stated there was smoke coming from a residence and uncertain if the occupants were out.

Initially, Longview Police arrived and indicated the fire was in the ally based on the thick smoke in the area. When fire crews from Longview arrived they found an attached garage on 16th Ave that was fully involved and the flames were spreading inside the home.

Firefighters confirmed that the tenants had escaped, but then the family realized they were missing a 17-year-old female who was last seen in the basement.

With fire burning from the garage and onto the first floor, fire crews quickly went into the basement and found the girl sound asleep.

The basement only had two small windows which couldn't be used for escape. Had the fire spread more into the laundry room, the only viable exit would have been blocked by fire.

Firefighters helped the girl out of the house. She wasn't injured.

The fire was under control in about 20 minutes.

Fire damaged the garage, laundry room, and stairway leading to the first floor; however, the entire 1st floor suffered heavy smoke damage.

Fire investigators believe the fire started in the garage, and are looking at several possible causes, including a wall heater. Damage estimates could exceed $75,000. The home did not have any working smoke alarms present at the time of the fire.

Longview Fire would like to remind everyone that fatal fires most often occur when people are asleep, and working smoke alarms are your best safety device to alert you. Smoke alarms should be installed in every sleeping room, just outside the sleeping room, and on every level of the home and they should be tested month to assure that they are working. And remember the importance of a home escape plan, which includes two ways out of every sleeping room.

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