New Information In Watterson Search

The mother of Allyson Watterson released new details about what her daughter was doing last Sunday when she went missing.

Misty Watterson told reporters Friday that her daughter wasn't hiking with her boyfriend, Benjamin Garland, when she went missing which is what was originally reported. Watterson says they were visiting a friend when their vehicle broke down and they got separated trying to get help.

Watterson says she's frustrated by misinformation on social media.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office tweeted it was initially reported that Allyson was hiking in the area. They are not confirming what she and Garland were doing in the area and that it remains under investigation.

Deputy Tony Morris, with the Washington County Sheriff's Office, says search teams are continuing to look for clues about Watterson's location. They're getting help from search and rescue teams in Multnomah and Clackamas counties.

They're asking volunteers to not search on their own, because they've been leaving signs that could lead search teams on false tracks. He says the searchers are following the clues they're finding in the area, which is why they've changed the type of search they're conducting.

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