Burglar Uses Hammer To Steal iPhones

Woodburn Police are trying to identify the man who used a hammer to break into a Verizon store and steal iPhones.

The burglary happened early Tuesday morning at the Verizon store on the 100 block of Arney Road.

The suspect used a hammer to break the glass on the side door of the location in order to enter. While in the store, the suspect used the same hammer to remove two of the display iPhone 11’s.

The suspect attempted to remove five more phones with the hammer, but was unsuccessful and destroyed them. The suspect then exited through the glass door he had previously broken.

The suspect is described as a black male adult, between 28-35 years of age, unknown height and 170 pounds.

Anyone with information is asked to please contact the Woodburn Police Department at 503-982-2345.

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