Young Girl Injured By Blade In Halloween Candy

Portland Police are investigating an incident where a young girl bit into Halloween candy that had a blade inside.

The girl was taken to Randall Children's Hospital in Portland.

She had bitten into a Hershey's candy bar that had small blade in the candy.

She wasn't seriously hurt. It didn't cut her tongue. It was described as a redness. She was treated and released.

The candy originated from Halloween trick-or-treating, according to the parents. The family trick-or- treated in the immediate area of the 1900 block of Northeast 97th Street in Vancouver, Washington.

Police say this is a highly unusual case and there is concern about other tainted candy existing or being ingested. Parents are cautioned to carefully inspect all candy and notify the police if any other tainted candy is located. If anyone collected candy in the same immediate area, they should take extreme caution prior to ingesting any items or consider discarding the candy.

At this time, it is unclear exactly where the candy originated and there is no identified suspect information. If anyone has information about this incident, contact non-emergency dispatch at (503) 823-3333 and reference case 19-384577.

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