ODOT Installing Digital Message Boards On I-5

ODOT began construction this week on a series of RealTime signs on Interstate 5, which will make the roads safer and help drivers travel more efficiently by providing real-time traffic information.

New advisory speed signs, traveler information signs and relocated guide signs will be installed in seven locations along I-5 between Interstate 405 and Marine Drive in North Portland. These signs will assist in reducing crashes, improve travel time reliability, and enhance transit operations.

The new signs will include:

(VMS) New Electronic Signs: Variable Message Signs (VMS) alert drivers about crashes, congestion, road conditions, closures and other traffic-related information. VMS display estimated travel times to key destinations, so that drivers can plan their arrival time or consider taking an alternate route.

(VAS) New Advisory Speed Signs: Variable Advisory Speed (VAS) Signs display advisory speed based on the traffic ahead. The advisory speeds will change as real-time driving conditions change.

Construction will take place mostly at night to minimize traffic impacts during the day. Work is expected to be complete in summer 2020. Visit the project website at www.tinyurl.com/ODOTRealTime for more information. Here are the details and expected traffic impacts. Dates for the traffic impacts are not yet scheduled, but will be announced on the project website when known.

A: South of N. Marine Dr. (VAS) (VMS)

Northbound and southbound full nighttime closures. Nighttime northbound on-ramp closures at Victory Blvd. and Interstate Ave.

B: Between N. Victory Blvd. and N. Schmeer Rd. (VAS)

Southbound nighttime on-ramp closure at Victory Blvd.

C: North of Columbia Blvd. (VAS)

Northbound nighttime periodic lane closures.

D: N. Bryant St. / N. Saratoga St. Pedestrian Bridge (VAS)

Northbound nighttime on-ramp closure at Rosa Parks Way. Southbound nighttime on-ramp closure at Lombard. Flagging at Bryant St. pedestrian bridge.

E: Between N. Killingsworth St. and N. Alberta St. (VAS) (VMS)

Northbound and southbound nighttime full closures. Northbound on-ramp and southbound off-ramp closures at Alberta St for seven days at a time

F: N. Skidmore St. Bridge (VAS)

Southbound nighttime on-ramp closures at N. Alberta St. and N. Going St.

G: N. Kerby Ave. to I-405 SB On-Ramp (VAS) (VMS)

Northbound and southbound nighttime full lane closures on I-5 under the Kerby Ave. on-ramp. Southbound nighttime on-ramp closure at N. Greeley Ave.

Travelers should be aware of these closures and always use extra caution in work zones, especially at night.

Source: ODOT

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