Fire Damages Two Tualatin Homes

Friday morning, callers to 911 reported a shed fire located near the intersection of Southwest Nisqually Court and Yakima Court in Tualatin that was threatening nearby homes.

The fire quickly spread to a nearby shed and then to two homes. Bystanders alerted the occupants of the homes, and everyone evacuated safely.

While on their way to the fire, firefighters noticed a column of smoke in the area and upgraded to a first alarm. The first-arriving unit arrived in four minutes and reported that two homes were on fire. The incident was immediately upgraded to two alarms in order to bring additional resources to the scene.

Firefighters initiated an aggressive interior attack of fires burning in both homes and made sure there were no occupants inside. This was a complex incident due to multiple affected structures, so the incident commander organized the firefighting effort to aggressively extinguish fires while limiting confusion and accounting for all personnel working at the scene. The fire was under control and mostly extinguished within 40 minutes.

The fire damaged two homes and three sheds. There were no injuries to occupants or firefighters. Unfortunately, two families have been displaced.

The fire was caused by a heat lamp in a chicken coop.

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