Sting Catches Alleged Jewelry Scammer

Washington County Sheriff's Detectives used a sting to catch a man who is accused of defrauding a 90-year-old Portland woman.

Investigators say Ronald Bocca, of Otis, misled the woman by defrauding her of several hundred dollars worth of gold jewelry.

Detectives initially learned the victim answered a newspaper advertisement, so she could sell her costume jewelry.

On July 25, 2019, the victim Bocca at her residence to sell her costume jewelry. Bocca focused on the woman's 14 karat gold jewelry. Bocca tested the gold and said it was fake.

The victim gave Bocca receipts from local jewelry stores where the items were purchased. Bocca told the woman that jewelry stores frequently switch the jewelry on customers with fake jewelry before finalizing the sale.

Detectives asked the victim to contact Bocca to see if he wanted to purchase more of her costume Jewelry. He said he wanted to buy the additional jewelry and made arrangements to meet at the woman's home on October 24th. Once Bocca arrived, he looked through the jewelry and said it was fake. Bocca said the Jewelry was only worth $175. Detectives had previously had the same jewelry appraised at a value of over $3,000.

Once Bocca paid the woman $175, he left.

Bocca was stopped by deputies and detectives shortly after. Detectives located the jewelry he had just purchased and several more jewelry items unrelated to the victim.

Detectives believe there are more victims of Bocca and would like to speak with them. Detectives are asking anyone who thinks they have conned by Bocca to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 503-846-2700.

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