Juvenile Bobcat Released Into Lane County Forest

ODFW released a male juvenile bobcat back into the wild Friday. Based on its teeth, this bobcat was at least six months old. The bobcat was released in forested habitat on BLM land in Lane County.

ODFW’s physical evaluation of the bobcat showed it to be healthy. The bobcat had no signs of active infection or injury. Blood tests and X-rays also did not reveal any health issues.

It is not known if the two bobcats found earlier in the week at Oak Hill School were orphaned, abandoned by their mother, or naturally dispersing. Young bobcats may start to disperse away from their mother as early as six months old, so a bobcat born early in the spring could naturally disperse in the fall.

The other bobcat walked into the school, was captured and euthanized, because it had lost its fear of humans and could have been a threat.

"This bobcat is in the age range when bobcats naturally strike out on their own,” said Dr. Julia Burco, ODFW wildlife veterinarian. “It was in good physical condition and exhibited normal behavior for a juvenile bobcat, which made it a good candidate for release back to the wild.”

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