Governor Brown Recall Efforts Fall Short

state capitol oregon

At approximately 2 p.m. Monday afternoon, Michael Cross, Chief Sponsor of the “Flush Down Kate Brown” petition to recall Governor Brown delivered 9 boxes of petitions to the Oregon Secretary of State's office, together with a Petition Submission form SEL 339, attesting to a “Completed Petition Submission” "estimating 290,000" signatures. The boxes were immediately transferred under lock to the Secure Election Division facility where staff counted all of the signature sheets submitted.

The total number of sheets submitted was 23,926. Since each sheet cannot contain more than 10 signatures, the submission fell short of the 280,050 signatures necessary to trigger a recall vote. No individual signature validation was necessary.

The Oregon Republican Party was conducting a similar effort, but turned in no signatures.

Since the deadline for submission of signatures for both recall petitions was 5 p.m. today, no further action will be taken on these petitions.

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