Child Cyclist Killed In Vancouver

Photo: KATU

A 10-year-old boy riding a bike was killed in a crash Tuesday morning in Clark County.

Vancouver Fire, Vancouver Police, and Clark County Sheriff's Office Deputies responded to the intersection of NE 167th Avenue and NE 9th Street for the report of a bicyclist hit by a vehicle in the intersection.

The driver, a male adult, was uninjured and remained on-scene to assist investigators.

Scene evidence as well as driver and witness statements indicated that the truck was traveling eastbound on NE 9th Street and the bicyclist was traveling northbound on NE 167th Avenue, riding in the roadway. At the four-way intersection, the bicyclist rode directly into the path of the eastbound truck and was hit.

The bicyclist was wearing a helmet.

Investigators say the driver of the truck wasn't speeding. The speed limit on the street is 25 miles an hour.

Further investigation will be conducted to determine proximate causes of the collision. The intersection is controlled by stop signs two ways, for north and southbound traffic. The truck's travel path was not controlled by a stop sign.

Source: Clark County Sheriff's Office

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