Hikers Found Cold, But Safe Near Mt. Hood

Two hikers who got separated from their group on Tuesday were found cold, but safe on Wednesday.

A group of six hikers were on the Paradise Park Trail, east of Rhododendron, on Tuesday when two of them got separated.

When four of the hikers reached their cars they found 71-year-old Anna Jung and 71-year-old Suki Jung were missing.

The area is made of up of steep terrain, dense forest and many other leading trailheads. This makes it challenging for rescue crews to search the area.

The search teams had located some items that belonged to the pair, as well as shoe prints in the mud; searchers finally located them near a riverbed in very dense forest about .6 mile from the roadway. However, due to the rough terrain and steep elevation, it took rescuers hours to bring the couple out of the woods safely.

The were cold, but otherwise in good condition.

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