Homeless Man Sentenced For Sexual Assault Of Sleeping Woman

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Multnomah County District Attorney Rod Underhill announced that 31-year-old Joseph William Green Jr. received a 100 month prison sentence for sexually abusing a 76 year old woman after he unlawfully entered her residence while she was sleeping.

"I hope that by having food and shelter for the next several years will give you time to figure out how to support yourself without taking away from others," the 76 year old woman said in court on Monday. "I hope that you develop relationships that are meaningful and that you never again want to force yourself on another person. I don't think you're a bad person, but I hope you understand that forcing yourself on another person is a hurtful thing to do to everyone, including yourself."

This investigation started on September 12, 2018 at approximately 1 a.m. when Portland Police responded to the 2900 block of Southeast 17th Avenue on reports of a disturbance. Officers spoke with the 76 year old woman who told them that she lived in the basement and that her adult daughter lived on the main floor of the residence.

Law enforcement learned the Green Jr., who was known only as an acquaintance to the victim and her daughter because he had previously approached them for assistance, entered the residence through an unlocked exterior door.

"When we first met, you were asking for help because of your situation of being homeless,” the victim’s adult daughter said in court. “You came across as a kind, gentle and intelligent person. ...That evening could have been so much worse. ...I want you to get help and to be a better person in the future. I hope that during your time in prison you can get mental health counseling and proper medical care and continue educating yourself. I want you to forgive yourself and to leave prison with a mission to become a meaningful member of our community."

The 76 year old woman told police that a man, later identified as Green Jr., entered her bedroom and then physically and sexually assaulted her and took steps to prevent her from yelling for assistance.

The woman’s daughter heard the disturbance and rushed to the basement and was able to shove Green Jr. from the residence. Police recovered a pair of men’s jeans inside the residence where the woman was attacked.

Officers saturated the area looking for the suspect. While conducting an area check, law enforcement came across a disturbance involving two men near the intersection of Southeast 14th Avenue and Southeast Taggert Street. One of the men, later identified as Green Jr., was only wearing shoes and underwear.

Law enforcement spoke with the other man involved in the altercation and determined that he was a crime victim; that he arrived home and found Green Jr. sitting on his porch. The man’s mother, who was inside the residence, told police that she heard someone trying to open the front door and that shortly thereafter, she heard a verbal and physical altercation occurring outside. The woman opened the door and found her son fighting with Green Jr. During the fight, Green Jr. threw the man to the ground and punched him repeatedly in the head.

Green Jr. appeared in Multnomah County Circuit Court and pleaded guilty to one count of sexual abuse in the first degree, one count of burglary in the first degree, one count of assault in the fourth degree, and one count of criminal trespass in the first degree.

Upon his release Green Jr. will be on three years of post-prison supervision. He will also have to register as a sex offender.

During the litigation of this case, which was handled by Multnomah County Senior Deputy District Attorney Brian Davidson and Deputy District Attorney Todd Jackson, the District Attorney’s Office received mitigating information that showed at the time of these crimes, Green Jr. did not have a permanent residence and had addiction and mental health related illnesses.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office recognizes the Portland Police Bureau’s Central Precinct patrol officers for their immediate response to the 9-1-1 call and to the Portland Police Bureau’s Sex Crimes Unit for their dedicated efforts investigating this case.

We would also like to acknowledge Victim Advocates Julie Jacobs and Souk Kanhalikham for the assistance and advocacy they provided to the victims and their families during the criminal justice process.

Source: Multnomah County District Attorney

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