TriMet Starts Adding 71 New Buses

The next generation of TriMet buses is starting to roll into service. Between now and next summer, you’ll see 71 new buses on the streets, connecting our riders to opportunities throughout the region.

TriMet is expanding its fleet to keep pace with the largest bus service expansion in TriMet history. TriMet has added more than a thousand hours of bus service since fall of 2018.

The buses have the new paint scheme that has a blue base and three orange stripes, which are a throwback to the original bus fleet. Interior updates include darker flooring and improved lighting. Seats are more ergonomic, durable and easier to clean and maintain.

They're also testing a new audio feature on a handful of new buses. When the back doors are activated for riders to exit, you’ll hear a voice instructing you to “touch the yellow tape to open the doors.” The voice will also announce when the “doors are closing.”

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