Demonstrations Last Over Seven Hours In Portland

Photos: KATU

It was a long day of demonstrations in Portland. They lasted over seven hours.

A variety of right-wing groups announced they planned to demonstrate. That drew opposing left-wing anti-facist groups.

Portland Police said their main goal was to keep the demonstrators safe while preserving the right to free speech.

The demonstration started in Waterfront Park and extended across the Willamette River. There were marches on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Grand Avenue on the eastside.

On the westside, demonstrators blocked several streets.

After the right-wing groups departed the left-wing groups continued to demonstrate. They congregated near Pioneer Courthouse Square and blocked streets.

Police declared it civil disturbance and ordered the groups to break up which they did.

Police say more than 13 people were arrested.

Police confiscated homemade shields, long wooded poles and bear spray.

Medics treated five people and one person was hospitalized.

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