Driver Intentionally Crashes Into Clackamas River

A woman was injured when her husband intentionally drove down the boat ramp at Barton Park and into the Clackamas River.

The woman told deputies her husband turned into the park without saying anything. They were not intending on going to Barton Park. The male drove to the boat ramp and accelerated, still without saying anything.

The van entered the river at about 35-40 mph. The female injured her knee due to the impact. They were both able to exit the submerging van through the driver’s door. The male made his way to the center of the river and began to float downstream. The female made her way to shore where she was assisted by people there.

Deputies responded to the area and deployed marine units and their boats, the Water Rescue Team, and a canine team to search for the male. The Clackamas County Water Rescue Consortium deployed to the location to in case a water rescue was needed. The suspect was not located.

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