Scam Callers Pretend To Be From Sheriff's Office


The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has recently received numerous reports of fraudulent phone calls being derived from the telephone number of or similar to 360-397-2211.

Although this phone number is associated with the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the caller(s) are telling the recipients that they have a warrant or other fines associated with their names.

The caller commonly advises the recipient that they must pay money via gift cards to prevent arrest or further legal action.

The callers often will not allow the recipient to hang up, and want to maintain telephone contact the entire time, while requesting the recipients of the phone call travel to obtain the gift cards and then provide the information over the phone to the caller, who is impersonating a deputy, detective, or other law enforcement officer.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office does not collect any fines, fees or funds associated with legal matters via the telephone or online.

If you receive one of these calls you can check if it's real by contacting 311 or in person at the Clark County Sheriff’s Office located at 707 W 13th Street, Vancouver WA 98660.

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