Sketch Of Suspect In Attempted Aloha Kidnapping

The Washington County Sheriff's Office releases a sketch of a suspect who tried to abduct a child from his mother near an Aloha apartment complex.

It happened Sunday June 16 in the 15600 block of SW Blanton Street in Aloha. When deputies arrived, they contacted family members of a three-year-old child.

The family members reported they were enjoying a family gathering when they realized they hadn’t seen the boy for about five minutes. When they went looking for him, they saw him being led away by the arm by an unknown Caucasian male in his thirties. Family members yelled for the child and the man released the boy, unharmed, before running west on SW Blanton Street. The boy’s father chased the man on foot, but lost him. Deputies also searched the area and did not locate the suspect.

Anyone who recognizes the individual in the sketch is asked to contact detectives at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 503 846-2700.

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