New Rules For Boquist At Capitol

The Senate Committee on Conduct has decided State Senator Brian Boquist must give notice before going to the Oregon Capitol, so extra State Police troopers can patrol the building.

Prior to Senate Republicans boycotting the session, Boquist made comments on the Senate floor and to KGW television where he appeared to threaten Senate President Peter Courtney and Oregon State Police troopers, if they tried to bring him back to the Capitol.

The committee determined that prior to going to the Capitol, Boquist must give 12 hours notice, additional Oregon State Police troopers would patrol the building and Boquist would be prohibited from retaliating against anyone involved in the case.

Boquist made a statement during the hearing, but didn't answer any questions. He says he's filed a lawsuit against Courtney, Governor Kate Brown and other legislators. He also filed a federal complaint. He told the committee that any future communications must go through attorneys and he says the issues will be decided in the courts.

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