Republican State Senators To Return Saturday

It appears the walkout of Oregon state senators will end on Saturday.

Republican State Senator Herman Baertschiger Jr. says they have received assurances the cap and trade climate change bill will fail when it comes up for a vote.

Baertschiger says the bill is bad for the state and especially rural parts of Oregon.

He says Republicans were negotiating with the Governor's office, but those negotiations abruptly ended and Republicans had no choice, but to leave the state and stop the vote.

Baertschiger says there are ways to achieve carbon reduction without crippling the state's economy.

He says he's disappointed in the threats from the Democratic leaders to arrest and fine them. He says they were also threatened with loss of capital improvement projects in some of their districts.

Baertschiger says they wil proceed carefully after returning on Saturday to keep the cap and trade bill from getting another vote.

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