State Police Called To Find Republican State Senators

Republican State Senators in Oregon refused to attend Thursday's floor session where the controversial Cap and Invest bill was expected to get a vote.

Without Republicans there aren't enough Senators for a quorum and the Senate can't do business.

Republican Senator Tim Knopp told KBND radio he's left the state. He says Democrats promised to do a re-set on the Cap and Invest bill and they haven't done that. He says the bill will hurt rural Oregon especially bad costing jobs and increasing prices for gas, electricity and natural gas.

Senate President Peter Courtney asked the Governor to use State Police to find Republican Senators, arrest them and bring them to the Capitol. They will also be charged $500 a day.

Knopp says all Republican Senators have left the state. He says they're prepared to saty out of state until June 30 when the legislative session is required to end.

Governor Kate Brown says she'll call a special session for July 2.

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