Rescue On South Santiam River

The Lebanon Fire District respond to the report of a water rescue near Gill’s landing on the South Santiam River.

They found one person standing in ankle deep water. He was unable to get to dry land due to the rising water levels.

Lebanon Fire crews reached him by using a rescue raft and he was assisted to dry land. He told rescue crews that there was another person who needed help and was unable to get out of the flooded area.

The Linn County Sherriff’s office responded to the scene with a specialty rescue sled and a rescue swimmer from Lebanon Fire performed a search with the rescue sled and located the other person, and his dog. Using the rescue sled, they were able to rescue both the second person and the dog.

The area had several tents that were searched and no other people were located.

The river was swollen, fast moving, with a large amount of debris in the water.

The two people were treated by Lebanon Fire and transported to local hospitals. The dog was united with family members and appeared to be unharmed.

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