TriMet Is Making The Switch To Hop Fastpass

TriMet is phasing out paper tickets and passes to encourage riders to switch to Hop Fastpass. TriMet will no longer accept most non-Hop tickets after December 31, 2019.

As TriMet makes the full transition to the Hop Fastpass, they will no longer accept any unvalidated, foil-stamped 2 1/2 hour tickets, one day passes or multi-day passes after the end of 2019. This also includes mobile tickets and passes.

Roberta Altstadt, Public Information Officer for TriMet, says even though most paper tickets and passes are being phase out, they will continue to sell validated paper ticket receipts printed on buses and LIFT tickets and passes.

To help riders make the switch to Hop Fastpass, TriMet is holding ticket exchanges every month through the end of the year. People can also go to the TriMet ticket office an exchange their unvalidated tickets and get the value loaded onto a free Hop Fastpass card.

Altstadt says they're transitioning to Hop Fastpass because it's a better way to pay. With Hop, riders can earn passes as they ride without the upfront costs. There's also lost card protection and riders can easily load their Hop card anywhere, at any time.

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