Suspect Charged In Hash Oil Explosion

Thursday March 28, Portland Fire and Portland Police responded to the report of an explosion and possible fire at an apartment complex near 1177 SE Stark.

A butane hash oil (BHO) operation had exploded and heavily damaged an apartment unit at the St Francis Park Apartments.

Darrell Desrosiers was treated at the scene and then transported with serious, but non-life-threatening wounds, to Emanuel Hospital. No other injuries were reported.

On Monday April 1, Desrosiers was charged with one count of Arson Incident to Manufacture which is a Class A felony.

The Portland Fire Bureau says unlicensed processing of marijuana by the method of open blasting with the use of flammable liquids such as butane is dangerous and illegal.

There have been multiple BHO explosions locally and around the region. On July 24, 2017 two men were killed during a BHO explosion in a North Portland home.

If you see evidence of this type of activity, often noticeable by large quantities of disposed butane cannisters, report it to:

Drugs and Vice Division Drug Complaint Form:

or the Drug Tip Line at (503) 823- DRUG (3784)

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