Man accused of shooting at Longview apartment, starting police chase

A man was arrested accused of shooting at his previous Longview apartment and eluding police Wednesday night.

The Cowlitz Sheriff’s Office received reports of a man who shot several rounds into an apartment complex on 46th Avenue in Longview, then fled in a silver SUV or Van.   

A few minutes later Kelso Police spotted the vehicle and when they tried to stop it, the driver sped up and refused to stop. They pursued it south on I-5, but lost sight of it just north of Kalama.  

Deputies deployed a drone with night vision and two K9 teams. The vehicle was located on Hendrickson Drive in Kalama.  A reverse 911 notification was sent out to area residents and trains were shut down.  

The Vancouver K9 Team found the suspect hiding inside the industrial glass plant in the area. He was taken in to custody without incident. 

Police say the suspect, 42-year-old Daron Knight, is facing charges of Drive By Shooting, Felony Eluding, Malicious Mischief, Making False Statements, Criminal Trespass, and Driving While Suspended.

Police say Knight shot at least 5 bullets in to the apartment complex and that he was recently evicted from the apartment.  

No one was injured by the shooting. 

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