Rocky Point Road Closed Due To Slide

Multnomah County Transportation is taking steps to repair damage that has closed NW Rocky Point Road to through traffic. The steep rural road between Highway 30 and NW Skyline Blvd. near Columbia County was closed on February 12 after melting snow and stormwater created a large crack down the center of the road about 1.5 miles from Highway 30. The crack indicated a landslide risk, so the road was closed to ensure public safety. The county expects the road to reopen this spring.

The county has taken the following steps:

  • Road closure signs and barricades were placed to keep the public away from the damaged section of road, while providing access for local traffic. There are residences near each end of the road.
  • Maintenance crews have cleared ditches along the road near the crack to direct stormwater away from the damaged area.
  • County engineers and a geotech consulting engineer have visited the site and developed a repair plan. The repair will install a culvert to direct stormwater under the road uphill from the slide and excavate and repave the road at the damaged location.
  • A contractor has been engaged to make the repair. The contractor is developing a cost estimate for the repair.

The following steps are planned next:

  • County and contractor to finalize repair contract with scope of work and cost.
  • County to acquire temporary use of private property to complete repair.
  • Contractor to mobilize and complete the repair so it can reopen.

Once the contract is finalized and use of the property is arranged, the contractor will complete the repairs. Dry weather is needed for the paving. While the target date for reopening the road is not set, the county expects the road will reopen in early spring. NW Rocky Point Road will be an important alternate route for many Columbia County commuters when NW Cornelius Pass Road is closed for repairs for 13 weeks starting July 8.

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