On Demand Ride Share, Taxi Service For People With Disabilities In Portland

A new service to make on-demand taxi and ride share services more convenient and accessible for people with disabilities has launched in Portland.

Dylan Rivera with PBOT, says the new PDX WAV is for people who depend on wheelchairs and they need a taxi, Uber, or Lyft ride within the hour, that way people with disabilities have a ride in the same amount of time than someone who doesn't need a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Rivera says before Uber and Lyft came on the scene in Portland, people with disabilities could never rely on getting a cab at a scheduled time or on demand. Once ride share companies hit the Portland market, the city council and public decided that things needed to change.

Rivera says funding for PDX WAV doesn't come from taxpayers. It's made possible by a 50-cent surcharge on Uber and Lyft rides and permit fees paid by taxi companies.

Portland is the first city in the state to provide this service.

To get an on-demand taxi ride, you can call 503-865-4WAV. For Uber or Lyft rides, you can request a wheelchair accessible ride through their apps.

For more information about the new PDX WAV service, visit pdxwav.com.

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