Transportation Improvement Projects Begin For Gateway

The Portland Bureau of Transportation’s Interim Director Chris Warner, along with members of the Gateway Regional Center community, gathered Thursday to celebrate the start of an area-wide series of transportation projects that will transform the neighborhood in the coming year.

You can already see progress on NE Halsey Boulevard and NE Weidler Street, where the Halsey-Weidler Streetscape Project is underway. This project focuses on providing safer crossings and a more comfortable experience for pedestrians at key intersections throughout the business corridor. This is done by extending the curb, marking new crosswalks, adding rapid flashing beacons, and providing better lighting. This project also upgrades the experience of people biking along Halsey and Weidler, adding new parking-protected bike lanes that are separated from vehicle travel lanes. It will also provide more on-street parking.

The Halsey-Weidler Streetscape Project is bookended by special features that will create opportunities in the neighborhood for community placemaking. The first of these features is a “festival street” on NE 103rd Avenue between NE Halsey and Clackamas streets. The second is a public plaza in the area known as the East Entry Triangle, bordered by NE 112th Avenue, Halsey and Weidler. Further enhancements include new streetlights with their own unique design, as well as wider sidewalk space to allow for more trash cans, benches, bicycle racks, and other street furniture.

The $5.5 million streetscape project is funded by PBOT’s Fixing Our Streets program, Prosper Portland, Transportation System Development Charges, and the Portland Bureau of Environmental Services’ “% for Green” program.

“We’re at the beginning of some major transportation transformations in the Gateway area and there is a lot to look forward to,” said PBOT Interim Director Chris Warner. “The improvements coming to the neighborhood will make it easier for everyone to safely walk, bike, drive and take transit to local businesses, parks and schools.”

“The new streetscape is yet another win for East Portland and Gateway,” said Nidal Kahl, President of the Gateway Area Business Association. “After 5 years of collaboration between community and business leaders with all the city bureaus, Gateway takes another giant leap towards growth, positioned for economic development that drives Portland's reputation for unique, local eco-friendly enterprises. This new investment from the city and Prosper Portland will improve livability and help us welcome new neighbors and new business with a visual message of improvement in the oldest and largest business district in Oregon.”

There are numerous transportation projects beyond the Halsey Weidler corridor slated to begin construction in the Gateway area in the next year, such as:

  • The HOP Neighborhood Greenway along NE Holladay, Oregon, and Pacific streets (HOP)
  • The 130s Neighborhood Greenway, part of the East Portland Access to Transit project
  • The NE 102nd Avenue Safety Project
  • I-205 Overcrossing Improvements on NE Glisan Street
  • The East Glisan Street Update.

In addition PBOT’s Sunday Parkways will return July 21 with a new 4.8 mile walking route in addition to the bicycling route.

Additional information about transportation projects coming to the Gateway neighborhood and East Portland can be found at

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