Blumenauer Bill To Declare Climate Crisis National Emergency

earl blumenauer

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Congressman Earl Blumenauer on Friday, the same day that President Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border, announced he will be introducing a congressional resolution to declare a national emergency on the climate crisis.

“If Trump can call a national emergency for a fake crisis at the border, then surely Congress should call a national emergency for our REAL crisis’” said Congressman Blumenauer. “The climate crisis is impacting our world as we know it. Every day, our temperatures are rising and our sea levels are following suit, threatening more intense storms and natural disasters. Saving the planet is our most pressing issue that must be addressed with urgent action, not a manufactured “crisis” at the border.”

Congressman Blumenauer will be introducing a resolution in the coming days. Blumenauer sent a letter urging his colleagues to cosponsor the resolution and take immediate action on the most dire crisis facing our nation and the world. You can find the text of the letter here.

Source: Congressman Earl Blumenauer

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