Oregon Lawmaker Wants To Rename Trail Blazers

trail blazers logo

Klamath Falls State Representative E. Werner Reschke says the Portland Trail Blazers should be named the Oregon Trail Blazers.

“I introduced HCR 15 to be all-encompassing statewide. This is Oregon’s team, not just Portland’s.

HCR 15 recommends the name change of the Portland Trail Blazers to the Oregon Trail Blazers.

First, it is historically more accurate — but most importantly, the name "Oregon Trail Blazers" is more inclusive.

People throughout the state follow the Trail Blazers team, not just those in the Portland area. Changing the name to the Oregon Trail Blazers allows more Oregonians to embrace the team as their own.

I look forward to this Resolution and the conversation that ensues,” said Rep. Reschke.

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