More Measles Cases In Clark County

The number of measles cases in Clark County has grown to 25 with 12 suspected cases.

The Clark County Health Department says no new public exposure locations have been identified. 

The two new confirmed cases were being monitored by Public Health. 

The cases stayed home, as instructed by Public Health, which prevented additional exposures to the public.

24 of the cases are patients younger than 18. One patient is an adult.

Anyone with questions about their measles immunity or the measles vaccine should contact their primary care provider. Clark County Public Health does not provide immunizations or testing for immunity.

Clark County Public Health is urging anyone who has been exposed at an identified location and believes they have symptoms of measles to call their health care provider prior to visiting the medical office to make a plan that avoids exposing others in the waiting room. People who believe they have symptoms of measles should not go directly to medical offices, urgent care centers or emergency departments (unless experiencing a medical emergency) without calling in advance.

For a complete list of previously identified exposure sites, visit the Public Health measles investigation webpage.

Public Health has established a call center for questions related to the investigation. Anyone who has questions about public exposures should call 360.397.8021. The call center is open daily.

If you are unsure of your family's immunization status, you can view, download and print your family's immunization information online at MyIR or request a copy of your immunization record from the Washington State Department of Health.

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